Mole Crickets (36)


English Bahasa Duri

Mole Crickets

A1: Why are there so many holes under this house?
B1: Because lots of mole crickets made them.
A2: What are mole crickets like?
B2: They are like lice.
A3: Do mole crickets bite?
B3: No, they don’t.
A4: How do they make holes?
B4: They dig in the earth until a hole forms.
A5: Do children play games with mole crickets?
B5: Yes, they do. When I was small, we used to make a game. When we wanted to catch them, we would take one and tie a string around it. Then we would release it into the hole of another mole cricket, so that the two would fight. When they fought they would bite each other. Then you would pull them both out and you’d have caught them.
A6: What was that sound I just heard?
B6: That sound is called thunder.
A7: Is it dangerous if we go out when it’s thundering?
B7: In the lowland plains it’s dangerous, but here in the mountain areas it’s not so dangerous.

Cuccu’ bungin

A1: Ciapari nabuda gaja kalisong ntee bala?
B1: Ia to buda gajai cuccu' bungin ngkabua'i.
A2: Matumbara to disanga cuccu' bungin?
B2: Susi bang to kutu.
A3: Pakengkeraka to disanga cuccu' bungin?
B3: Te'da ia napakengke.
A4: Matumba ke nakabua'i to kalisong?
B4: Iake ngkabua'i kalisong, nakambuhhi jiong mai to litak na menjaji kalisong.
A5: Biasaraka napaningoan pea to cuccu' bungin?
B5: Ie', biasa. Ia tonna kubiccu' unapa, biasa kupaningoan. Iana den madoang njokkoi, dialai mesa', nadiulangngi mane' dipado' kalisongna solana nasibobo'. Ia nasibobo'mo, sikengkemi mane' dirui' nadijokko.
A6: Apara joo noni nena'?
B6: Ia to noni nena' disanga galugu.
A7: Bahayaraka ke messunki' ke galugui?
B7: Iake jiongki' daera lappah biasai bahaya, tapi iake daera buntu te'da too nabahaya gaja.